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Firstmet or just met? Will your hair Color Get you a Date?

The age-old adage that blondes have more fun may or may not be true but one thing is for sure – they get more love when it comes to online dating, according to new data. According to (formerly AYI) over three million online interactions between members over a two week period to determine which hair colors men and women prefer in the United States.

Here are the results:

Firstmet met hair Color Date

And now the shock. Blonde babes and silver foxes topped the list and were almost 30% more likely to create a match compared to the average user. Redheads appear to be a dying breed, with red-haired women coming it at number three and red-haired men rounding out the list at number seven. Less shockingly, grey-haired women fared the worst (since men often prefer to match with younger women online) and were 25% less likely to make a match.

Then they took it one step further and looked at the breakdown state by state. Even though some hair colors were less popular on a national level, there were local communities that showed them a little extra love (We’re looking at you, Missouri). Take a look…

Firstmet met hair Color Date

And now for the women…

Firstmet met hair Color Date

There’s a possibility that single men beat the Arizona heat by shaving their hair. That is why bald reigns supreme in that state (although we can’t entirely explain Vermont).  And who would have thought there were any blonde-haired men in Alaska?

A drill down even further to look at hair color patterns in cities. Peep it below:

Firstmet met hair Color Date

Looks like we can kiss that whole “California surfer” stereotype goodbye. Blondes seem to do better as they move eastward. We applaud Los Angeles for showing bald men the most love, but we strongly suggest those Golden State dwellers invest in a lot of sunscreen (Ouch!).